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Why GTI Drone Services?

We have 18+ Years of commercial building envelope experience combined with the latest drone technology in high-resolution visible and thermal imaging. This unique combination of skills enables us to provide you with the data needed to make an informed decision on how to protect the longevity of your building. We also have a network of building envelope experts to help you understand the results of these findings, and give technical advice on whether or not repairs or restoration services should be sought.


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ITC certifications exceed the requirements of International Infrared Certification standards. All ITC courses are developed and taught by ASNT-certified instructors with advanced academic degrees and extensive field experience.

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A Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA certifies that an individual demonstrates they understand the regulations, operating requirements, and procedures for safely flying drones. This certification is required any time business is conducted with the use of a drone.

Why get

aerial inspections?

When it comes to commercial and industrial buildings, having an understanding of the building’s exterior health can sometimes pose a challenge. Getting a full or close-up view of the entire building envelope typically requires scaffolding to be erected for the walls, and many exhausting man hours of walking the roof deck to complete the roof inspection. Roof inspections are often done by simply walking the structure, and looking for visible concerns that may stand out. Unfortunately, there is no way to know if there is moisture or condensation trapped underneath the membrane with a visible inspection, so often times a core sample must be performed on the roof system to get a look underneath.

As with any building, maintenance must inevitably be performed to maintain its integrity and longevity. Sometimes that maintenance comes in the form of asset management and a preventative maintenance program. Other times maintenance or repair is an immediate necessity due to a leak, structural failure, or accident. In these circumstances, there comes a need for an investigation. That is where an aerial inspection by drone can be applied.


Learn About Aerial Roof and Building Envelope Inspections

Can my roof be inspected with thermography?

Most roofing materials can be inspected with thermal imaging, but not all. Highly reflective roofs such as galvanized metal or roofs with an aluminum coating are almost impossible to get an accurate reading.

How do you know if you have found moisture during an aerial inspection?

Moisture is the hidden enemy of a building we all want to uncover, and IR scans only have the ability to show anomalies and areas that possibly need further investigation. Confirmation that there truly is moisture is achieved by performing destructive testing, or core sampling.


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